Hidden Thoughts Revealed

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Bella. Saved and Forgiven by Grace through Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Forever Loving, Trusting, Worshiping, and Serving God. Filipino. Chahjalylarice. Professional Procrastinator. Wanna-Be Photographer. Secretly a Gamer. Photoshop Enthusiast. Aspiring Video Editor. Socially Awkward. Hopeless Romantic. Asian Drama Addict. KPOP Fanatic. EXO-L. 2PM HOTTEST. SONE. DIRECTIONER. Otaku. [ULTIMATE BIASES: Xiumin, Chanyeol, Harry Styles, Lee Junho, Sunny, IU.] Kills haters with kindness. A mess of contradictions. Imperfect but real.
A million miles away from home.
10 in our eyes 12 in our hearts

+ all exo stans now (via ds-kpopper)
I’m your Peter Pan,
it felt lonely to leave you, but I had to go back to our Neverland.
The memories are all there, our smiles and happy gazes too.
I’m always your Peter Pan, stuck in time waiting for you.

+ EXO Peter Pan (via jonginforpresident)